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State Laws

Maria Ogierman

Crossword Puzzle

1 2
3                 4  
5         6   7    
9 10                        

3.Recommending a service to a client to increase a sales ticket?
5.Bacteria cells reproduce and divide in....( In what measurements?)
10.To kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pseudomoas you should use which type of disinfectant?
12.One definition of Cosmetology would include.....
13.What can live on their own?
1.What should you apply pressure to with gauze and a gloved hand?
2.A copy of the state board filling form is needed to permit _____ untill the results of the test are known?
4.What are the minimum hours needed to become an educator?
6.Cosmetology license's are renewed on what date?
7.What must be approved by the EPA and each individual state?
8.To be resistance to disease?
9.After each client your hands should be........
11.To take the cosmetology test what are the minimum educational requirements?

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