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First Aid Unit Puzzle

Jessica Davis

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2.A sign of a heart attack.
5.Check for this before giving chest compressions
9.When giving chest compressions you should always _____ out loud.
10.Never touch a conscious person without obtaining this.
12.The last step in the chain of survival.
16.A rescuer should use _______ whenever possible.
19.In an emergency situation, the first thing you do is check the ______.
1.A disease that can be transmitted through body fluids.
2.What does the "D" in "AED" stand for?
3.Always ____ a bruise.
4.Early_______ is the first step in the cardiac chain of survival.
6.A sign of shock.
7.Do this when a choking victim becomes unconscious.
8.How many chest compressions should you give an adult during CPR?
11.How many rescue breathes should you give an adult during CPR?
13.What does the "A" mean in "ABC"?
14.Abbreviation for when the heart’s electrical signals stop making sense.
15.To recognize an emergency you should use your ______.
17.Always ______ a wound to prevent infection.
18.This restarts the rhythm of the heart.

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