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1 2
3                                                   4       5                
7 8                  
12                 13                  
  16                       17        
  22                             23    

3.Canada refused to sign this UN declaration recently.
8.An indigenous people of North America, involved in the Oka crisis.
11.Where aboriginal children could study their own languages while learning abouttheir own cultures and traditions.
12.A commission to look into the effects of building an oil pipeline from Alberta to Alaska.
15.Questioned the ownership of large areas of land never surendered by the treaty.
16.In 1971, an official policy of this was introduced by Prime Minister Trudeau.
19.This was created to regulate the lives of Canada's First Nations.
20.A Cree member of the Manitoba legislature,opposed the Meech Lake accord.
22.To be deprived of one's basic legal rights.
24.The newest Canadian Territory,created in 1999.
25.An Aboriginal artist whose work is featured on the Canadian 20$ bill.
26.A commission launched by the federal government to study the issues that affected Aboriginal peoples.
1.Has a mandate to learn the truth about what happened in the residential schools, and to inform Canadians about what happened.
2.Church-run, government-operated schools where Aboriginal children were separated from their families and made to learn Canadian culture.
4.The Aboriginal response to the government's white paper.
5.Where the Nisga'a made a land claim against the Canadian government.
6.A land dispute between a group of Mohawk people and the town of Oka, Quebec that lasted from July 11 to September 26 1990.
7.The right of a colony to create the laws and policies that would govern its own affairs.
9.A major government public inquiry into an issue.
10.This is a gift-giving system as well as primary economic system practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the US.
13.Bill C-98,adopted in 1988.
14.This represented the interests of the Aboriginal peoples of the North.
17.The claim to areas of land by Aboriginal peoples.
18.The claims to land of the Aboriginals based on the idea that the government did notfulfill its partof a treaty or agreement related to land or money.
21.To be made to seem less important, in terms of power and/or social standing.
23.A government report that included the elimination of the Indian Act.

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