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Odyssey Part 1


1 2 3   4     5
8   9                    
  10           11        
13     14     15                        
  16       17              
  19               20    
22   23             24                  
25       26   27     28
        29         30  
31                   32
      34       35          
36             37        
39 40          

2.Home of the gods; Mount___
9.A shipmate to convinced the men to eat the cattle of Helios
10.Of great size and strength
13.Sacred animals to Helios
15.to put into your own words
16.King of Ithaca
18.Composer of the Iliad and Odyssey
19.Polyphemus' father
22.Greeks, Odysseus and men
24.Where Helios threatens to go if Zeus doesn't help him
25.Sea goddess who loved and trapped Odysseus
29.Creatures that lure sailors to their deaths
31.Passion; enthusiasm
33.This is one of nine goddesses that helps Homer tell his story
34.Finish quickly
37.Makes people lose their need to return home
40.God of music, poetry, prophecy, and medicine
41.Enchantress who helped Odysseus
42.The locations of the Trojan War
1.The Cyclops that Odysseus blinded
3.The object Zeus uses to destroy Odysseus' ship
4.Story tellers
5.A many-headed beast
7.Odysseus and his men put a ___ in the cyclops' eye
8.The story of the Trojan War
11.A whirlpool
12.Large, violent whirlpool
14.A blind prophet who told Odysseus about his journey home
17.What the sirens use to lure sailors
20.Odysseus' father
21.Characterized by craftiness and betrayal
23.Large-scale sacrifices
26.Took goods by force from; looted
27.The story of Odysseus and his journey home
28.Another word for cattle
30.Brief, violent storm
32.King of the gods
35.Calm; pacify
38.The name Odysseus uses to trick Polyphemus
39.Homer was said to have what disability?

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