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Mrs. Hannigan

Use the words below to solve the clues and the puzzle.

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3.A solar _________ is a sudden burst of energy or radiation from the Sun.
4.A red giant that uses all its fuel will begin to collapse into a _________ dwarf. At this stage of a star's life cycle the star will give out very little light.
5.The Milky Way is known as a _____________ galaxy.
6.A _________ giant is an old star of average size that has begun to expand and cool as its fuel has begun to run out.
8.Sunlight takes _________ minutes to reach Earth.
9.The _________ magnitude of a star is a measure of how bright a star seems to be when viewed from Earth.
10.The final stage of a star's life cycle is a ___________ dwarf, when the star will stop giving off any light.
15.Scientists estimate that the _____________ may have as many as 200 billion stars.
16.THe Sun is a huge ball of _________.
18.An instrument used by astronomers to study the light given off by stars.
20.The star at the center of the solar system.
22.The color of a star is determined by its ________.
1.The four characteristics of stars include ___________, brightness, color, and temperature.
2.A star may form from this cloud of gas and dust in space.
3.THe joining together of eo or more atoms to form another atom; this powers the Sun and other stars.
4.A solar ________ is a fast moving stream of charged particles that flows from the Sun's corona and is released into space.
7.A measure of the brightness of a star.
8.THe corona of the Sun can only be seen during an ___________.
11.This is the surface of the Sun.
12.___________ stars are stars with the hottest surface temperatures.
13.Energy relseased from the Sun travels through spce in ___________.
14.The __________ magnitude of a star is an measure of the actual brightness of a star. This measure does not depend on the distance of the star from Earth.
17.A dark area on the Sun that is caused by magnetic storms.
19.The _________, the radiation zone, the photosphere, the convection zone, and the corona make up the layers of the sun.
21.The Sun is 93 millions miles away from this planet.
23.Scientists believe that a star like the Sun will shine for approximately ___________ billion years.

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