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Act 5 crossword puzzle Julius Caesar

Mr. J 4-13-12

1 2
4     5                
6         7

4.Your sister has ______________ my remark, and now she is unnecessarily angry with me.
8.The barbarians were turned back by the Roman ______________.
9.The lion cubs gnawed contentedly on the __________ of the antelope their mother had killed.
10.Many spirituals compare the plight of African slaves in America to the ______________of the Israelites in Egypt.
1.When his puppy was hit by a car, Manuel was_________________ for days.
2.There can be no _____________ if we are going to get to the museum before it closes," the teacher told her class.
3."Dear son, do ___________ thy last days upon me before the voyage," said the father.
5.When the debate became heated, one of the candidates called the other a _____
6.Murder is considered one of the most______acts a human being can commit.
7.The two sides held a _____________ that lasted several weeks before a truce was worked out.

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