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Nutrition and Diet Therapy

Mrs. Hanson

Complete the crossword puzzle.

1 2   3        
4   5                  
7 8                      
9                                     10
  11                     12   13          
    15 16                    
      20           21    
25   26                  

2.build and repair body tissue; provide heat and energy; help produce antibodies
4.soothes gastrointestinal tract, avoids irritation in ulcers, colitis
8.for patients who have trouble chewing, postsurgically
9.composed of chemical elements found in food; used by the body to perform body functions
11.process of taking in nutrients by the body
12.state of good health with optimal body function
16.the primary component of plant cell walls which provides the fiber and bulk necessary for optimal functioning of the digestive tract
18.overactivity of the thyroid gland
19.abnormal loss of bone tissue causing fragile bones that fracture easily
20.substances that the cell needs in order to function
22.fatty substance found in body cells and animal fats; found in egg yolk, fatty meats, shellfish, butter, cream, and cheese
23.regulate the amount of food in metabolic disorders; aid in digestion by avoiding foods that irritate the digestive tract
24.major source of human energy, starches or sugars, easily digested, grow well in most climates
26.use of nutrients by the body
27.poor nutrition caused by an insufficent or poorly balanced diet
28.essential for normal metabolism, growth, and body development
29.condition in which the hemoglobin content of the blood is below normal limits
1.breaks down the foods we eat; mechanical or chemical
3.extreme fatness; abnormal amount of fat on the body
5.loss of appetite with serious weight loss, it is considered a mental disorder
6.high blood pressure
7.replaces fluids lost from vomiting, diarrhea, surgery
10.lipids; concentrated form of engery
13.reduces salt intake for patients with kidney disease, cardiovascular disorders, edema, and hypertension
14.inorganic (nonliving elements found in all body tissues; regulate body functions
15.condition of hardening of the arteries due to fat deposits that narrow the space blood flows through
17.unit of measurement of the fuel value of food
21.digestion, metabolism, circulation, and elimination
25.found in all body tissues; essential for digestion; makes up mos of blood plasma

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