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Art- descriptive words

1 2 3
4         5     6      
    7           8  
10           11        
14   15              

4.When you take care to get your observations just right (8)
6.Colours such as blues, greens and purples (4)
7.An image is changed in a particular way, often to look less real (8)
10.A loose way of working to capture and image quickly (10)
12.The more of this you add the more complicated your art becomes (6)
15.A great difference between eg colour or brightness (8)
16.A true and accurate representation of an object or scene (9)
18.When a picture has a lot of depth (5,11)
20.A repeated arrangement of shapes (7)
1.Light in colour such as pastels (4)
2.Dark and gloomy colours(4)
3.Thick outlines (4)
5.A style of art where the realistic shapes of objects are changed, sometimes so they are unrecognisable (8)
8.When and image is bold and bright (3,8)
9.Colourful and eye-catching ( 6)
11.When an image has had some deatils removed (10)
13.Complicated patterns (9)
14.When edges of shapes aren't clear (7)
17.Colours such as reds, oranges, yellows and browns (4)
19.When a picture lacks depth (4)

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