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Chapter 18 Vocab Words

Amaka Okobah

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3.larger, more inclusive taxonomic category than a kingdom
6.domain consisting of all organisms that have a nucleus
7.A single common ancestor and all of its descendants
11.in classification, a group of closely related classes
13.a group or level of organization into which organisms are classified
16.trait that appears in recent parts of a lineage, but not in its older members
17.Organize living things into groups that have biological meaning
1.in classification, a group of closely related families
2.Classification system in which each species is assigned a two-part scientific name
4.diagram depicting patterns of shared characteristics among species
5.A group of similar species
8.the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms
9.A group of species that share features inherited from a common ancestor
10.in classification, a group of similar genera
12.Domain of unicellular prokaryotes that have cell wall containing peptidoglycan
14.Domain consisting of unicellular prokaryotes that have cell walls that do not contain peptidoglycan
15.in classification, a group of closely related orders

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