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1920's The Big Three of Entertainment

1 2
  3 4               5        
8                   9
    10 11      

4.The name Josephine Baker gave to her 12 adopted children.
7.Fred's first movie after returning from retirement.
8.Country Houdini was the first to fly over.
11.Last name of Harry Houdini's agent.
12.The Astaires' famous dance in which they pretended to ride bikes on stage.
13.The first type of performance Astaire and Houdini performed in.
14.Occupation of the women Astaire married at age 81.
15.The country that Houdini's plane was built in.
1.Animal Harry was most famous for making disappear.
2.One man did this when she declined his proposal for marriage.
3.The disease that killed Astaires wife.
5.Number of plays Fred and Adele performed on Broadway.
6.Name of store Harry became president of.
9.Fred Astaire's sister's first name.
10.Job Josephine took during World War II.

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