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Protein Synthesis- How Much Do You Remember?

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4.This is what we call the transition from the language of nucleotides to the language of amino acids
5.The name for the portion of DNA that gives instructions to make a single protein
8.The organelle where proteins are made
9.What cells use to get information from the nucleus to the cytoplasm when synthesizing proteins
10.Where DNA is within a cell
12.The molecule that contains the instructions for making proteins
14.How many different types of nucleotide are found in DNA?
1.What we call the building blocks of DNA and RNA
2.How many nucleotides does it take to code for one amino acid?
3.A random, accidental change in the sequence of nucleotides in DNA that may result in production of an altered protein
6.A synonym for peptide is _________
7._______ acid; the building blocks of protein
11.A group of three nucleotides on mRNA that codes for a single amino acid
13.This category of molecule brings amino acids to ribosomes

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