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State Boards Crossword Puzzle

Miss Maria

3 4 5                        
6                                             7    
  8 9            
10                 11    
  15   16                  
20           21

2.When applying a virgin hair lightening application your subsections should be how wide? _________ inch
5.Refers to any process that effectively kills or eliminates fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms from a surface,equipment, article of food or medication. It can be achieved through application of heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure or filtration.
6.A group of disinfectants that kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi are called?
9.A unit of measuring angles.
10.When applying a virgin relaxer how wide should your subsections be? __________ inch
14.When subsectioning the hair in thermal styling the hair should be the same _____ as the barrel of the iron.
15.What method of wrapping hair from ends to scalp in perming is?
18.What is the area of hair between the base and the first turn of the hair around the perm rod?
22.The chief sensory nerve for the face is called?
23.When thermal curling what must be used to protect the scalp from the iron?
24.What muscle covers the top of the skull?
1.What does the EPA stand for?
3.What type of perm is an acid wave processed by the application of chemical and heat?
4.Used as a reference for the length of your next section of haircutting.
7.What structural unit is a neuron from?
8.What is the state of being clean and conducive to health and free of germs by sterilizing?
11.What type of facial shape is wide with a rounded jaw line and hairline.
12.What is the flat area called on a curved surface?
13.What is used between the cape and the client's skin?
16.When applying a retouch hair coloring application how wide should your subsections be? _______inch
17.All contaminated materials blood spills etc are to be place in a double bag marked with a _________ label.
19.When setting up your work area what must be labeled in English?
20.When preparing to perform a haircut, what must you apply to your client first _____, neck strip or towel.
21.What perm rod placement is created when the hair is combed at a 135 degree angle above the subsection parting and will sit directly on top of the base area?
23.When filing nails in a manicure you should file from outside edge to ______.

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