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Red Sox Nation


1 2 3                     4
  6               7 8 9  
11                     12        
14   15                
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    18       19                  
  21 22            

3.Knuckleball pitcher retired at the start of the 2012 season
5.These two brothers played for the Red Sox "Billy and Tony __________"
6.Born in Fall River, MA he played second base and later became a Red Sox announcer
10.Nickname of legendary pitcher Dennis Boyd
11.Former shortstop who wore number 5 and married soccer star Mia Hamm
13.He holds the Red Sox record for most multiple-hit games in a season "Wade _____"
15.Varlton Fisk's nickname
16.Nickname for the pole along the right field foul line
18.Catcher who wore number 27
20.Became the official Red Sox charity in 1953
22.Famous illuminated sign near Fenway Park
23."Curse of the _________"
25.Main entrance to Fenway Park is on this little street
26.Red Sox Broadcaster from 1951-1965 "Curt _______"
1.Former third baseman later became Red Sox manager "Butch _______"
2.Nickname of Fenway Park's left field wall
4.Perdro Martinez and Manny Ramirez were born in this country
7.1967 Impossible Dream Team left fielder "Carl ______________"
8.Replaced Carl Yastrzemsky in left field
9.The first pitcher in history to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning major league game
12.Shortstop/Third Baseman 1963-1976 "Rico ___________"
14.PItcher known as The Spaceman "Bill _____"
17."_________ Square" near Fenway Park
19.He was known as "The Splendid Splinter"
21.The other Boston Baseball Team that moved to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta
24.Legendary right fielder Dwight Evens nickname

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