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The Velveteen Rabbit

Jinsei Gonen

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    6 7      
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  18     19        

1.thin pieces of the stems of plants
4.to talk or behave in a very proud way
6.a small stem or part of a branch with leaves or flowers on it
8.dirty and in bad condition
9.a plant that often grows in forests and becomes reddish brown in the fall
10.the time just before it gets dark, when the sky is becoming darker
12.a passage in the ground made by a small animal such as a rabbit
13.to make a soft noise as leaves rub against each other
15.a line where two pieces of cloth, leather etc. have been stitched together
17.a piece of furniture for storing clothes, plates, food etc.
18.a group of bushes and small trees
20.to treat someone rudely, especially by ignoring them when you meet
21.to do something with a lot of energy and determination
2.a baby's bedroom or a room where young children play
3.to spin around very quickly
5.a line on your face or skin that you get when you are old
7.a soft filled bag for sticking pins
11.very small pieces of wood that fall when you cut wood
14.old and in bad condition from being used for a long time
16.a thief, especially one of a group that attacks people in mountains or forests
19.to hold someone or something very close to you with your arms

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