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Leading Classroom Discussions

Rochelle Cureaux & Elisha Fisher

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        6 7
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            20                       21

1.Requires students to restate or reorganize material
5.The theory or art of questioning
8.Requires simple recall of previously learned material
14.Requries students to use previously learned material to solve problems
15.Most difficult thing to do after asking a question
16.Set the knowledge base for the question
19.Should create attention in the students
20.It takes considerable time (of the discussion method)
22.The single most influential teaching practice
23.When students are involved in the learning process
24.Requires students to break an idea into its component parts for logical analysis
25.Important in fostering critical thinking
1.Unwilling and fearful of sharing knowledge with others
2.Teachers action to students response
3.Ties the entire discussion together
4.Developed by your use of questions and responses
6.it provides students practice in expressing themselves clearly and accurately (of the discussion method)
7.Another word for asking questions
9.Developed by Dr. Simons
10.Knowledge level questions that ask about the content of the section
11.A framework for daily instructional discussion
12.Student input determines the specific direction the discussion takes
13.Asks the students to think about and prepare a contribution
17.A passionate drive for clarity, accuracy, and fair-minded ness
18.Will stifle or enhance the discussion process
21.Gaining student response by asking a question

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