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Civil War

Meashia Johnson

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3.Its an Island in Charleston Harbor (2 Words)
6.on november 7 1862 lincoln fired what general?
8.Who was the president through the whole Civil War
10.Who announced that the secession was illegal, but that it would be illegal for him to do anthing about it? (2 Words)
12.how was lee diffrent than mcclellan?
13.what was ironclad ships invention?
14.1809-1865 (2 Words)
17.a draft that would force certin members to serve in the army
18.what device was used in the war destroyed the pony express
19.James Mason and John Slidell travled on what ship?
22.after series of battles johnston was wounded and command of the army was passed to ______ (3 Words)
24.Who was the first state to succed from the union? (2 Words)
26.Febuary 4, 1861 delegates formed:
28.1808-1889 (2 Words)
29.what union nurse was often called for the sick and wanted to at the front lines? (2 Words)
30.a court order that required authorities to bring a person held in the jail before a court to determine why they were being jailed (2 Words)
31.the gettysburg address was given by who?
32."There is Jackson standing like a stone wall." (2 Words)
36.what northern state first called enlisting for black troops? (2 Words)
37.Gettysburg is in what state?
38.what was the first major confedrate city to be permanently occupied by union troops?
39.25 miles away from the unions capitol (2 Words)
40.what was the battle that was called the turning point of the war?
42.what was the souths ironclad?
44.ehat disease did abe get right after gettysburg address (2 Words)
45.who did grant appointed as commander of the military division ?
48.how many army men were inexperianced union soliders? #
50.What was the confeerates capitol during the war?
1.Lincoln appointed who to lead the new union army? (2 Words)
2.he had to seize new orleans (3 Words)
4.on january 1 1863 lincoln issued his what? (2 Words)
5.Iron clad _____ traded fire with the souths ironclad merrimack.
7.How many slave states had seceded and formed a new nation?
9.who assasinated abe
11.the confedrate stragey was mostly what?
15.where was the worst confederate prisions at?
16.Northern democrates who advocated peace with the south (2 Words)
20.Northern newspapers dubbed what strategy: (2 Words)
21.this guy was a general of the union army who invaded Tennesse (3 Words)
23.a well born southerner whose husband served in the confedrate government, she kept a diary describing key war events (2 Words)
25.virgina was the most heavly populated and?
27.Ehwere did abe get assassinated? (2 Words)
33.627.000 men died as a result of what? (2 Words)
34.who won the war?
35.who was the only civilian that was killed at gettysburg? (2 Words)
41.the badley wounded were taken to _____ hospitals
43.September 17 beside sluggish creek called______
46.casualties totalled more than ____ as many as in world war 1812/ #
47.when did confedracy pass the drast law
49.Grant gathered his troops near a small Tennesse church called:

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