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Loredana Caltanide

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5.A substance used to put out a fire.
6.What colour dominates the whole environment after a fire?
9.What is the most common way living things die of in a fire?
10.To catch on fire, starting with i.
13.To ensure survival, people are forced to leave their homes using an ___________ plan.
14.What is it called when a plant begins to grow again after a fire? (starts with g)
16.The most fatal outcome for a human caught in a fire.
17.A red, painful abrasion to the skin caused from contact with fire.
18.A fast spreading, destructive fire staring with w.
19.What do helicopters drop over fires in attempt to put them out?
1.A fire emits great ______ which causes the temperature to rise.
2.As i fire spreads, people are sent caution called a w______?
3.Is emitted from a fire into the air.
4.A large and fierce fire starting with b.
6.What is a fire that starts naturally in the outback called?
7.Fires destroy something very important to animals.
8.Someone that battles to put out a fire.
11.Plants, trees and shrubs and grass are examples of.
12.When objects are blackened, they are ______.
15.What is the name of the glowing pieces of wood left after a fire?

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