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Triple Physics Revision

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2.Hydrogen nuclei joining together is known as nuclear ______
5.20hZ - 20,000Hz is the range of sound heard by what?
6.You need to suspend the object from a pin, then hang a __________ to get a straight line and mark several points on the object to find the centre of mass
10.Gravity and Centripetal force keeps all planets in this
12.In reflection, this is the ray that goes towards the mirror
13.Part of the national grid which can be step up, or step down
14.Earth's natural satellite
16.A balanced object can be said to be in _______
18.The point where the mass in an object is concentrated is called the '_____ of mass'
20.Concave mirrors produce a real image in _____ of the mirror
21.The turning effect of a force
23.This type of satellite is put into a high orbit so it moves at the same speed as the Earth turns
26.Light waves are not longitudinal, they are _______
27.Concave lenses may also be known as this
28.Our galaxy
29.This type of wave is longitudinal
1.A mirror or lens that curves outwards
3.A mirror or lens that curves inwards
4.Sound wave frequencies beyond 20,000Hz
7.Convex lenses may also be known as this
8.This type of satellite is put into a low polar orbit
9.The effect produced when we place a wire carrying an electric current into a magnetic field
11.Calculating image height dividided by object height gives __________
15.The force acting on an object when it is moving in a circle
17.A star with a large mass will collapse and explode into this
19.When waves change speed and direction when moving between two mediums is it called __________
20.The higher this is, the more high pitched the sound
22.The force acting on all objects to attract them to one another
23.A group of stars is known as this
24.In reflection, the line that is perpendicular to the mirror at the point where the light rays hit
25.Convex mirrors produce a virtual image _____ the mirror

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