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Criminal Trial Vocabulary

Anderson Horne

A test of Criminal Trial Terms and their meanings

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1.The process by which the defense and prosecution pse voir dire questions to members of the jury pool
5.a Person with knowledge about a case
8.who presents their case-in-chief first in a trial
9.after each side makes its closing argument the prosecution gets the last word to respond to the defense's closing
11.represents the State, brings criminal charges to trial
13.A request to the Judge to address evidence issues prior to trial
15.The Judge tells the Jury the law that applies to the case and how to carry out its duties
16.the decision of the jury, from the Latin phrase for "to speak the truth"
17.Examination of a witness after Cross Examination, usually for purposes of rehabilitation or clarification
18.The presentation of direct testimony by a side in the trial of a case
2.questioning of an opposing witness
3.When the Attorney summarizes the evidence and explains why the jury should reach a particular verdict
4.advising a defendant of the penalty imposed in the event of a guilty verdict
6.A jury that cannot reach a unanimous verdict
7.A group of people who observe the trial and serve as judges of the facts
10.When the Jury withdraws to a private conference room and discusses the case in an effort to reach a verdict
12.the person alleged to have committed a crime
14.when a side finishes presenting its case in chief
15.The Trier of the Law, Presides over the trial

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