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Invertebrate Madness!

Matthew Kenyon

Find all of the words! GOOD LUCK!

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3.a muscular structure that breaks food into smaller particles
9.fleshy protrusions
12.the protective covering of the worm
15.the location of nerve cells at the anterior end of the body
16.over 15,000 species and bilateral segmented worms
17.these are parasitic worms that are leaf-shaped flatworms
18.affection 200 million people worldwide it can be fatal found in Asia, Africa and South America
19.40,000 species including snails,conchs, and slugs
21.a cluster of nerve cells
23.excretion of mucous
26.worms with slender and long bodies that taper at both ends
28.contains the heart and organs for digestion, reproduction, and excretion
29.when the skin becomes hardened and thickens
30.the way that the worms sees
31.many bristles
34.a protective covering over the roundworm that is noncellular
35.from Jellies, Hydra and flower-like coral
37.cause pain and stiffness of the muscles
38.attaching oneself and not moving
39.doormat larvae surrounded by protective coverings
40.the simplest animal with bilateral symmetry
1.covering the visceral mass of the is the layer of epidermis
2.the production of light by means of chemical reaction
4.external bristles
5.a sticky substance that blinds its prey
6.octopuses, squids, cuttlefishes, and chambered nautiluses
7.excretion of of mucpus and carbohydrates
8.eliminates waste and excess water from tubules
10.enable Ctenophores to sense their orientation in the water
11.muscular part of the gut
13.an in-folding part of the intestinal wall
14.disease causing roundworms that infect 250 million people in tropical countries
20.generally live in soil or the freshwater
22.the larval stage of the mollusk
24.an inner cell layer
25.a diverse group of over 112,000 species
27.enclosed cilia that resemble flickering candle flames
32.an outer cell layer
33.are aquatic animals that make up the phylum Porifera
36.a common chamber that digestive,reproductive and excretory system empties

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