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How well do you know "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"?

Ella Stern

The ABC Family TV show "Secret Life" has been on for almost four years. All about teen pregnancy, drama, romance...now all in a crossword puzzle!

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4.What happened to Adrian and Ben's daughter, Mercy?
7.—–What are Dylan and her friends addicted to?
8.What has Ashley called John?
9.What did the teenagers get to drink at Leo and Betty's wedding?
11.Who was Grant's ex-girlfriend?
12.What does Anne like to eat at random times?
13.What instrument does Amy play?
16.What was Ashley on that got Anne upset?
17.Who was Amy's first boyfriend and first love?
18.What did Ricky do to Amy in the episode "And Circumstance"?
22.Where did Henry break up with Alice?
23.Who delivered Anne's son, Robie?
25.Where did Ben spend one of his summers?
27.Who did Ben have a brief fling with after he broke up with Amy (the first time)?
28.What did Ashley pass that got both her parents upset?
30.Who did Henry sleep with, thus betraying Ben?
31.What is the name of the Juergens' dog?
33.What was Ashley conceived on?
34.What did Grace do with Jack, thus betraying Daniel?
1.Who did Ben meet at the party in "And Circumstance"?
2.On what ride did Amy get sick on in "I Feel Sick"?
3.Who did Jack spend the night with in "And Circumstance"?
5.What was Betty Boykewich's original job?
6.What did Amy tell Madison and Lauren that John kept saying to her?
10.How did Grace's father die?
14.Who did Alice have a brief fling with in Season 1?
15.Who was Ashley's first relationship (that we saw) on the show?
19.What was Amy conceived on?
20.What were Amy and Adrian supposed to be when Adrian slept with Ben?
21.Who did Madison sleep with, thus betraying Lauren?
24.What did Jack want from Grace in "Falling in Love"?
26.What game is Grant good at?
29.What did George make into a room for Ashley that got Amy upset?
30.Who did Adrian want to see in the hospital after the death of her daughter?

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