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2     3           4
    8             9
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2.One that is unknown is refered to as:
5.Emotional Icons are referred to as what on the internt?
7.Website which let you upload videos and allow others from around the world to watch as well
8.LOL and ROFL are known as:
12.The environment in which communication over the internet occurs
14.The term "tweeting" was created by this website
15.Internet slang in which someone posts an inflammatory or off topic message in a internet community
1.Social media site in which Mark Zuckerberg founded
3.The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet
4.Having a hostile and insulting interation with another internet user.
6.Copying/stealing one's other work on the internet
9.Typing in all caps is considered as:
10.The "global village" of internet communication
11.To have a concise statement or summary
13.Sending or responding to mass postings of chain letters is called

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