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forces in fluids

janice b.

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3.____ ______ is a change in pressure at any point in a fluid and is transmitted equally in all directions
5.acts downward and buoyant force acts toward
6.______ is a substance that assumes the shape of its container.
8.Pressure = force/ __________
9.______ is the ability of a fluid to exert upward force on an object
13.__ _____ increases as depth increases
14.the buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by an object
1.pressure can be measured in _______ _______ (which is 1,000 units)
2.______ ___________ as the speed of a fluid increases the pressure with in the fluid decreases
4.the upward force which acts in opposite directionof gravity
7.___ ______ is determined by the type of fluid.
10.______ the result of a force distributed over an area.
11.one __________ is equal to N/m^2 (Newton meters squared)
12.________ is measured in Newtons.

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