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by the Amazing Ms. Ambro

Name _________________________

Date ___________________

Hour ____________

* Please note: The answers that are more than one word have no spaces. The words are all together in the answer.

1               2
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6         7
8                       9  
13     14                        
      16 17                  
          19 20
    21                                   22
    24 25                          

1.a surface depression that forms when the roof of a cave collapses
5.having many open spaces
8.substances that do not allow fluids to pass through them
11.a hollow space where limestone has been dissoved by water
14.cave formations that hang down from the ceiling of the cave
15.name for a body of water that runs along the surface of the earth and continues into a cave
16.name for the cave dwellers that live in the caves all the time. (no eyes, no pigment)
18.portion of the ground where the spaces between particles are filled with water
21.a water table which is elevated above the surrounding water table
23.a region where extensive erosion has formed landforms
24.an area where inhabitants live in the cave, but they also go outside periodically
26.name for the cave inhabitants that have smaller eyes, less pigment, but use the areas inside and outside the cave
28.a well in which water reaches the surface under its own pressure
29.an area of the cave where its inhabitants depend on the cave for their survival
30.substances that allow water to flow through them
1.cave formations that project upward from the cave floor
2.name for the "cave guests"- They only visit the caves.
3.the longest known cave system in the world
4.cave formation consist mainly of this substance
6.a person who explores caves
7.cave formations which form when the mineral water flows over the sides of the cave
9.evaporation and precipitation are two main processes of this cycle
10.a place where the water table intersects with the earth's surface
12.drawing water from a well faster than it is replenished causes this
13.one of the two minerals that cause hard water
17.an area where water is returned to the ground
18.portion of the ground where the spaces between particles are filled with air
19.this forms when a stalactite and stalagmite meet
20.the area of the cave where limited sunlight is available
22.this is known as the "universal solvent"
25.the level of the water in the ground
27.one of the two minerals that cause hard water

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