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GROUP C (Dr. Thomas)

Chapter Eleven: Study questions 1,2,3 pgs 296-310

Group Members: Jennifer Prince,Dommonic Nelson,Renee Adotama, Larry Conston,Bianca Gilbert,Jasmine Locke, Jakiella James.

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1.Action that holds two people performing similar job to be paid at comparable levels is covered in what term?
4._______ is the right to privacy while at work.
7.__________ selection device gives consistent results over repeated measures.
8.Job previews that give the candidate all pertinent information about the job and organizations without distortion and before the job is accepted is an example of; _______ preview.
11.IBM’s goal to locate jobs wherever in the world they can be done best, is an example of?
13.___________ Human resource management mobilizes human capital to implement organizational strategies.
15._________ are hired as needed and are not part of the organizations permanent workforce.
18.Written statements of job duties and responsibilities are explained in:
21.A good orientation program clarifies the ____________ and goals, explains the culture, and communicates key policies and procedures.
25.Employment criteria justified by capacity to perform a job is defined in what term?
31.What style of recruitment emphasizes on selling the job and organization to applicants?
32.________ E. Lawler III argues that the HR staff should be the "expert resources on the state of an organization's work force and its ability to perform.
33.The foundation for human resource planning is:
2.What is the first formal experience that newcomers often begins with?
3.What process analyzes an organizations staffing needs and determines the best way to fill them?
5.What act prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals on the basis of disability?
6._________ means that scores on a selection device have demonstrated links with future job performance.
9.What act prohibits discrimination against persons over 40 and restricts mandatory retirement?
10.One of the many challenges faced in the global workforce is:
12.What act requires equal pay for men and women performing equal work in organization?
14.The right to employment and advancement without regard to race, sex, religion, color, or national origin is:
16.What does the acronym HRM mean?
17.The economic value of people with job relevant abilities, knowledge, ideas, energies and commitments.
19._________ are lists of the qualifications such as education, prior experience, and skill requirements.
20.Behavior of a sexual nature that effects a person’s employment situation is considered:
22.__________ seeks applicants from inside the organization.
23.Recruiting that takes place on a college campus is an example of _________.
24.Efforts to assist in employment to women and minority group members is considered:
26.What examines how job candidates handle simulated work situations?
27.Socialization is a process of learning and adapting to the __________ culture.
28.Orientation is a form of __________.
29.What act requires equal pay for men and women performing equal work in organization?
30.What term describes a set of activities designed to attract a qualified pool of job applicants to an organization?

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