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Lonliness and Solitude

Practical Psychology

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2.this type of loneliness refers to a brief disruption of relationships
4.this type of loneliness exists when a person is unable to establish relationships over a long period of time
6.this forces us to reflect and fear of reflection may cause us to keep so busy that we have no time to reflect
7.he said change in one's life requires solitude; a mental state free of distractions (2 Words)
9.according to this psychologist, shyness may include factors such as being overly sensitive, fearing rejection, lacking confidence/social skills, fearing intimacy, personal handicaps.
11.some adolescents choose this this to gain acceptance though the price can be steep
14.this woman schedules one day a month for herself as part of her self-care (2 Words)
16.according to Carducci, shy people stay in a limited ________ ____________ (2 Words)
18.entertainment and escapes my increase our loneliness because we are ____ from ourselve
19.he described everyday loneliness (fear of intimacy/feeling unlovable)
20.lonliness can affect our physical and _______________ health
21.Yalom described this type of loneliness as a profound sense of unique separation from other
22.___ fears may have been exaggerated though we continue to use the same strategies as when we lived through this period
1.this refers to anxiety and excessive caution in interpersonal relationships
3.some people feel they are no longer needed by others when they reach ____ and experiences other losses associated with aging
5.ethnic minorities may face cultural _____________, particularly as adolescents
8.seclusion as something that we choose for ourselves
10.Shyness becomes a problem only when you hold back from _____ yourself in ways you would like.
12.this stage of life includes many choices; loneliness may result from a lack of validation from other (2 Words)
13.during this period, our children leave home or a marriage might end resulting in loneliness (2 Words)
15.this age group frequently feel they are alone, have unique feelings, and separated from other by some abnormality
17.affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; generally triggered by certain life events

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