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Sue Graham

1 2
  3 4     5   6 7
      9           10              
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4.How many nurses / doctors must sign out each drug?
5.Colour of book used to order DDs
9.The person checking out a DD must also witness the what?
11.Used to denote an entry error
13.What ID must be entered for each patient?
14.Short acting opioid
15.DD book entries must be ....
17.Premixed Morphine syringes are used for this (Abbrev.)
18.Oral or IV DD
20.Must be recorded when discarding a drug
22.Each drug should be ...... by both nurses during the checking procedure
23.DD that is associated with Heroin addicts
26.In theatre DD keys are signed out in what?
27.Recorded in the DD book when not all the drug is administered
28.Missing drugs must be reported to whom?
29.When signing the DD book nurses must also .... their names
1.Never to be used in a DD book (5/3)
2.Can the same ampoule be used for more than 1 patient?
3.Which name/s must be entered for each patient?
4.Recorded for each entry in DD book
6.Must be recorded when signing out a DD
7.Missing DDs must be escalated to whom?
8.What must be checked when handing over the DD keys?
9.What cannot be used in DD book entries?
10.DDs must be checked at least once each ....
12.How many different drugs can be signed out on each line?
16.Commonly used opioid
17.Place where completed DD registers are kept
19.DD keys CANNOT be left here
21.When handing DD keys to another nurse DDs should be ..
24.To be completed by the nurse discovering a missing DD
25.Which nurse should be responsible for the DD keys?

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