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Norse Mythology

Mrs. Caudle

1 2 3
5       6
7             8            
    9   10        
12         13                
14 15   16       17           18
    21 22                    
    24             25 26    
27               28
29                   30        
31 32   33   34   35                

4.Son of Loki, is a serpent
7.God of light and beauty, dies tragically
8.Land of the Aesir gods
10.Wife of Odin
11.Land of the dwarves
12.Wife of Loki
13.Land of the giants
16.Tricks Thor into losing three challenges
19.This is how Skadi has to choose her husband: By his _ _ _ _
22.Place where fire met ice to create life
23.Land of the Vanir gods
24.Land of the humans
26.Daughter of Loki, half human, half corpse
27.Land of the dead
29.Cow that fed Ymir, licked first god free of ice
30.Mystical, reoccuring number in Norse mythology
31.God of war, has one hand
35.Child of Loki, 8 legged horse
36.Gatekeeper of Bifrost, has great vision/hearing
38.Vanir god, desires Gerd as a wife
39.All-father, has one eye
40.Blind brother to Balder
1.The rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Midgard
2.Trickster god
3.Author of the Prose Edda
5.Goddess of youth, uses apples of eternity
6.Giant who makes Loki trick Idun into leaving Asgard
9.Warrior maidens of Odin, takes souls to Valhalla
14.Vanir goddess, cries golden tears
15.Place where heroic humans go after dying
17.The Norse "end of times"
18.Land of fire
20.The tree of life
21.Land of ice
25.Land of the Elves
28.Woman that Freyr wants to marry
32.First living being in Norse mythology
33.Son of Loki, is a wolf
34.Balder's wife
35.Daughter of Thiazzi
37.God of Thunder, has a hammer

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