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Review expository terms for the CRCT

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1.visually depict cumbersome material in a meaningful format
4.Details that give you more information about a main idea
6.a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
7.authors purpose when trying to convince someone to do something or believe something
9.The use of words to persuade people of something without actually making a clear argument for it.
12.brief description accompanying an illustration
13.Ideas that are presented to oppose another argument.
15.A sentence intended to express the main idea in a paragraph or passage.
16.Things such as heading, bulleted lists, and graphics that help a reader find important information
17.a statement that can be proven
19.Overly broad view of the objects or events that a concept includes.
20.a heading given to a smaller subsection within a larger piece of writing
21.inclination towards a specific opinion or side
22.the process of drawing a conclusion from evidence
2.strategies to make the reader agree with the author's opinion
3.appeals to the idea that everyone is doing it
5.specific pieces of information that support a claim
8.endorsement by a well known person or celebrity
10.a statement put forth and supported by evidence
11.the reason an author writes a text
14.central thought or message
18.a word used to describe an adjective, verb or adverb

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