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Sir William

Eric Martin & Adam Mann

A crossword of williams life... let's see how well you know him.

1                         2   3
4   5  
6 7                               8          
9                                       10  
  11                     12    
  17                       18
  19                             20    
  21 22            
  23                       24          
    25 26                        
27                 28          

1.Who paid Shakespeare?
7.Where was he born?
8.How old was shakespeare's son when his son died?
9.When did Shakespeare buy his house?
11.William ________ is a literary genious
14.What year did the globe theatre burn?
16.Where was Shakespeare burried?
17.How old was shakespeare when he died?
19.What did Anne inherate from shakespeare?
23.How many words were in the vocabulary of a regular english man?
24.Who's attention did he catch?
26.Who recovered his plays?
27.How did Shakespeare die?
28.How long was he in the "lost years"?
29.When was Shakespeare born?
30.How many plays did shakespeare write?
2.How many words were in shakespeare's vocabulary?
3.What were his parents names?
4.What did Shakespeare write besides plays?
5.What was the first name of his wife?
6.When was the globe theatre built?
10.When did he retire?
12.What school did he study at?
13.How many tragedies did Shakespeare write?
15.How many Comedys did he write?
18.Who bashed him in a pamphlet?
20.What was his fathers job?
21.How old was he when he got married?
22.What was his daughters name?
25.What month did he die in?

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