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Unit 6 Crossword

Spaces between words are not in this crossword!

1 2   3   4              
5                           6       7      
  10           11
14                     15                

2.The y-coordinate of a turning point of a function if the point is higher than all nearby points. (2 Words)
5.When an equation is in this form, we simplify it using the quadratic formula. (2 Words)
6.The number beneath the radical is known as the ________ of the expression.
13.A method used to divide a polynomial by a divisor in the form x-k. (2 Words)
14.The formula for the solutions to any quadratic is the __________. (2 Words)
16.A factorable polynomial with integer coefficients is ________. (2 Words)
17.A monomial or a sum of monomials, each of which is called a term of the ___.
1.The y-coordinate of a turning point of a function if the point is lower than all nearby points. (2 Words)
3.Similar to the split the middle method, you can use this method to add a term to an expression to make it a square. (3 Words)
4.A method used to divide polynomials similar to the way you divide numbers. (2 Words)
7.Two complex numbers of the form a + bi and a - bi are called ________. (2 Words)
8.ra + rb +sa + sb = r(a+b) + s(a+b) = (r+s)(a+b) (3 Words)
9.For the polynomial f(x) = 0, k is a ______ if and only if the factor x-k has an exponent greater than one when f(x) is factored completely. (2 Words)
10.The behavior of the graph as it approaches positive infinity or negative infinity. (2 Words)
11.The letter "i" is used to represent an ____________________. (2 Words)
12.A number is a ______ if it multiplied by itself equals a certain number. (2 Words)
15.To eliminate a radical from the denominator, we must ___________.

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