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Chapter 13 Crossword Puzzle

B Donohoo

Probability, Measure of Central Tendency H.M. Chpt 13 Notes

1 2           3
5 6               7        
9                     10      
11               12    
13   14     15              
16 17       18         19    
  20       21      
22             23    

2.All possible results in an experiment
4.No common outcomes
6.Box and ___________________Plot
7.____________Quartile Range -Difference of the upper and lower Quartiles
9.One event affects another event
10.___________and Leaf Plot
11.Selection of objects (order is not important)
13.The product of N to 1 written as N!
17.Average of a set of data
18.A value that is widely separated from the rest of the data set
21.favored/unfavored = ____________ in favor.
22.unfavored/favored = odds _____________.
24.Likelihood that an event will occur
25.Quartile at 25%
1.Favorable divided by total is this type of probability
2.At least one common outcome
3.Successes divided by number of trials is this type of probability
5.Happens the most
8.An arrangement of objects (order is important)
12.One event has no effect on the other
14.Event that combines 2 or more events
15.High minus Low
16.Middle number
19.An outcome or collection of outcomes
20.The set of all possible outcomes is the ____________ space.
23.Quartile at 75%

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