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Aundrae Romeo

Crossword for District 56 Toastmasters 2012

1       2 3   4 5
    6 7                   8
  9   10                  
      11                 12    
13     14       15       16  
    17   18                      
21   22           23                
      25             26 27
28             29   30              
32       33          
35     36          
37 38            
39     40    
  41 42   43
46     47      
49       50      

1.When a Club achieves _____ Goals along with it's Membership Requirement by June 30th it becomes Distinguished.
2.The month when Club Officer are elected in all Clubs
7.Competent ___________ is the name of a Manual with Ten Projects to be fulfilled over 20 Club meetings
9.New Division being added to District 56
11.The Basic Manual is called the __________ Communication Manual
12.Minimum number of club members needed to renew early in March and September
13.____ Award is the name of Membership Drive Contest in August and September
15.Advanced Communicator Gold
17.A 5 - 7 minutes Contest Speech that ends at the International Convention
19.A 2 - 3 minutes Feedback of a Speech
21.Key to __________ is the Theme of 2012 Spring Conference
23.__________ and VPE are the main Officers to vote on behalf of the Club
25.Memership Requirement is Net _________ of five or 20 members, which ever is less.
28.Minimum number of Judges for Division and District Speech Contests
29.District Event held in May and November
32.A club at Charter Strength has at least _________ members
34.The Toastmasters Tag line is Where __________ Are Made.
35.At least four Club Officers should attend these twice per year.
36.Usually the month District Spring Conference is held
37.Usually the month District Fall Conference is held
39._______ Tales is a 3 - 5 minutes Contest Speech
44.The Theme of Aundrae Romeo's Campaign is Be A _______.
45.Club ________ is needed to remain with the Club after Chartering
46.University of Houston _________ is the Site of the 2012 District Fall Conference.
49.Usually the month District Summer (TLI) Training of Club Officers begins
50.________ Governor is the Liaison behween the Club and the District
51.Table _________ is a 1 - 2 minutes Impromptu Speech
1.University of Houston _________ Hall is the site of Summer TLI on June 2nd 2012 at 8:45AM
3.Advanced Communicator Silver
4.University of Houston _________ Hall is the site of the Champion Speakers Series on June 2nd 2012 at 5PM
5.___________ Club Program has 10 Goals including Filing Club Officer Lists
6.Timing, ___________________ and Eligibility are 3 reasons for Disqualification in Speech Contests.
8.Minimum number of speeches to be completed in the Basic Manual in order to compete in the International Speech Contest
10.Responsible for tracking Club Members' Education progress
12.__________ Distinguished is achieved when a club has seven DCP Goals along with it's membership requirement by June 30th
14.Next level of Speech Contests after Area.
16.Advanced Leader Silver
18.Number of DCP Goals
20.A Manual with 5 Projects including a Vision Speech and a Results Speech
22.________ Plaza Hotel, Northwest Brookhollow is the Site of 2012 District Spring Conference
24.Distinguished ________ Program has Nine Goals including Club Visits
26.Usually the month District Winter (TLI) Training of Club Officers is held
27.The Most Important Person in Toastmasters
30.The month when Club Officer are elected in Semi-Annual Clubs
31.Month in which Area Governors begin Club Visits in the First Round
33.____ Up Toastmasters is the name of Membership Drive Contest in February and March
38.City of the 81st International Convention
40.Responsible for District Speech Contests and Conferences
41.Club ________ is needed when a Club's membership falls below 13
42.Distinguished Toastmaster
43.Number of Ballot Counters required for Speech Contests at the District level.
47.Two ________ are needed for Speech Contests.
48.____ the Clock is the name of Membership Drive Contest in May and June

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