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National Geograpy Activity 30


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1.most volcanoes in island Southeast Asia are ______________, also known as stratovolcanoes
4._________ is magma, or molten material, that flows onto the surface of Earth and then cools and solidifies
6.an island volcano in the Sundra Strait between Sumatra and Java
7.steep-sided domes of thick lava extruded from a volcanic vent
9.the Indo-Australian Plate that is being subducted beneath the Eurasian Plate, creating the ____________
1.zones where tetonic plates are colliding
2.fine particles, which are minute glass shards
3.an ethnic minority group of hunter-gatherers living on the forested upper slopes of the mountain
5.mixtures of water saturated mud and debris that move down slopes under force of gravity
8.sea waves triggered by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions

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