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Psychoanalysis after Freud

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4.rare experience of extreme joy, pleasure or accomplishment
7.According to Jung and _____ is an innate, universal prototype for an idea used to interpret observations.
11.If one is more prone to _____ they are less prone to ____.
13.Humanists believed they were too pessimistic about human nature.
14.Created hierarchy of needs.
16.When a person is born with physical defect and compensate for their weakness in other ways.
1.The symptoms of this form of anxiety are moving towards people, then away from people, then aganist people.
2.Drive to reach one's full potential in life.
3.Third force of psychology.
5.According to Carl Jung _____ is the opposite to intuition.
6.Accoring to Jung there is the personal and ______ unconcious.
8.Unconcious is the deepest and most powerful part of personality.
9.Created a clinet-centered therapy.
10.A meaningful coincidence.
12.____typically benefit in drawing on achetypes that inform scientific ideas.
15.Challenged Freud's concepts of penis envy and his overemphasis on personality.
17.Developed idea of inferiority complex.

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