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Bewitched and Get Smart crossword

Sarah Ann Marshall

bewitching and spyariffic with lots of witchcraft and laughter

1 2
3 4    
7       8                        
9       10                              
  13     14                

5.plays gladys husmand abner who also leaves across the street
7.played the head of control the chief in get smart
9.starred as the main character in bewitched
11.plays the second louise tate for the 3rd to the eighth season
12.starred has maxwell smart in the comedy spy sitcom get smart
13.played the clumsy but ever loveable aunt clara in bewitched
16.A televison series that ran for only 8 seasons and starred elizabeth montgomery
17.plays the stephens astatic neighbour gladys kravitz across the street
18.directed bewitched with his wife the starr of the show the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery
19.a spyariffic tv show with comedy and lots of laughter
20.played the second gladys kravitz
1.played the second darrin stephens in bewitched
2.samanthas warlock father
3.played maxwell smarts partner and later on wife.
4.plays the prankster in the family uncle arthur
6.played the ever loving mortal darrin stephens in bewitched
8.plays the chiefs bumbling assistant larabee
10.played darrins annoying witchly mother law in bewitched
14.plays the first louise tate for 2 seasons
15.plays darrins rich boss larry tate

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