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Our Great Game

Troy Holsinger

This crossword puzzle consists of an AFL theme. All the answers in this puzzle relate to AFL. Good Luck.

4                   5
8     9                    
10   11   12      
14         15                    

4.His team lost the 1989 Grand Final but he won the Norm Smith Medal (2 Words)
6.Coach of Melbourne, Nth Melbourne and Carlton (2 Words)
7.Ted Whitten's nickname (2 Words)
8.How many of the Selwood brothers play for West Coast?
9.Machine team of the 20's
11.What was the nickname of Carlton Midfielder, Greg Williams?
13.The game record holder (2 Words)
14.How many times did Haydn Bunton Jr. win the Brownlow Medal?
15.'Honor the Name by Day and by Night...' (2 Words)
16.Fremantle Premierships
1.9 Point goal
2.The man who equalled Bob Pratt's 150 goals in a season record (2 Words)
3.Wizard and Nab
5.Who was the last Victorian team to win their first Premiership? (2 Words)
10.Carlton and Essendon hold the most Premierships
12.Which team did John Coleman play for?
14.Fitzroy were premiers in 1914 and were bottom of the ladder

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