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One For ... The Animals...

The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

Complete the following puzzle correctly and submit BEFORE 30th April, 2012 to win a free TPPM2012 Memorabilia T-Shirt and two VIP passes for TPPM2013! (email to sabrina@sabrinasaw.com)

1       2  
4           5  
6     7 8        
10         11
12       13       14 15                  
16 17     18           19     20      
  21     22             23
    24         25   26                  
  27 28           29      
31             32        
    33               34     35    
36                 37    
  39     40           41        
43               44               45    
47             48 49        
  50                     51       52  
53                 54                        
55                         56    

1.Asian ones that donated Silent Auction.
4.A dance style that isn't K-pop but sounds like it.
7."______, Camera, Action!"
9.Common noise when happy.
12."Pencarian" vocal celebrity.
13."_____, don't buy!"
15.Contributing in a positive way.
16.Rhythm tapping celebrity.
18.Another word for "sweat".
20.Malaysian governmental branch in support of TPPM2012.
21.To _____ like no one's watching.
24.One that miaows.
26.This Mr. Head-of-school gave a speech on behalf of the sponsoring school.
28.We had half of 24 hours of it.
31.To de-sex.
33.Holding pattern in Hi-Lo.
34.If you have two of these, dancing probably isn't your thing.
36.Downward-dogging "crepe".
38.Sounds like Frankie's last name.
39.Person on stage.
42.One of the featured teams of football cards.
43.Music master.
44.Inspiration to dancers.
45.Doc for the animals.
47.The _______ School of Kuala Lumpur.
50.Big problem of animals here.
51.Man behind-the-scenes
53.BodyJam, Sh'bam...
54.Dance, fitness and sports in aid of?
56.Event was protected and looked after by this kind of agency.
2.Eventually, the "______ is gonna get you".
3.Expatriate Lifestyle, Time Out KL, etc...
5.Holding pattern in dance breakdown.
6.U-turn, U-shaped, U-____. (Hint: creator of all TPPM2012 artwork).
8.Being questions for the camera.
10.Malaysia's favorite beverage. This truck was parked outside the school.
11.Shared residence of Suzette, Frankie and Sabrina.
14.Where visiting talent resided.
17.Color for "Animal Welfare".
19.Sport featured at TPPM2012 by Coaches Adam and Deano.
22.Snoopy, K-9, Lassie, Scooby Doo, Pluto, Clifford...
23.Way of life, best for your body.
25.Five, six, seven, _____.
27.A roof over their head.
29.Number of supported NGOs.
30.He woofs while he moves like He's Bad. (Hint: Traveled from Germany).
31.Major sponsor.
32.Presenter with the six-pack.
35.Marathon of ______ hours.
37.Jay's Astro program who covered the event.
40.Presented By...
41.Certain societry for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
46.This "www." is Malaysia's largest online portal for finding pets.
48.Not hands, but ....
49.Purina gift.
52.When emotional, these flow.

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