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1                 2     3
5 6                        
  8                 9      
  15                                 16
  18             19                      

1.According to Chomsky what type of approach is there to education?
6.What did Chomsky almost single-handedly destroy with logic?
8.Chomsky claims that a sentence not only obeys the rules of its language, but it also conforms to the rules of what grammar?
10.Who is the best known linguists in the world?
11.What did Chomsky define the process of language as a?
12.Philosopher, Critic, Author, Writer, Peace Activist, Linguist, Scientist, and a?
13.Which Linguists did Chomsky marry?
15.Where did Chomsky develop his thesis?
17.While challenging structural linguistics, what did Chomsky introduce?
18.According to Chomsky language is designed to convey an infinite range of message, ideas, and what?
19.What state was Chomsky born?
20.Which one of Chomsky's theories is a way of describing the way people learn to communicate?
2.What type of grammar was Chomsky main field in linguistics?
3.What does Chomsky's research about language prove, that it is?
4.There were two known theories to language acquisition, one was Chomsky's theory, and the other was whos theory?
5.What does Chomsky's theory of Logical Structure of Linguistics Theory challenge?
7.What was the name of Chomsky's first book?
9.What is Chomsky's mothers name?
14.What did Chomsky achieve while attending the University of Pennsylvania, his?
16.Chomsky's theory of generative grammar is a way of describing the way people learn to ?

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