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4 5                                
6                                           7
  8                   9 10                         11
  14                         15  
  16       17      
23   24                                              
25                                 26        
  27                               28                
29               30                                      
31                 32                    

5.chemical substances that alters mood
6.ability to attend selective to only one voice among many
8.sleep deprivations
10.awareness of ourselves and our surroundings
12.turn bad, not problem solving
14.moment by moment
18.stress reliever
19.drug that distorts perception
20.drug that is a downer
21.subjects act out suggestions, attention seekers
22.the minds relentless efforts to make sense of something
23.a suggestion made during a hypnosis session to be carried out after the session
25.circadian rhythm
26.tasks that require our attention
27.what we dream about and remember
28.a need for more drugs
29.alternative solutions
30.cannot deal with the early morning
31.side affects when you stop taking something you’re addicted to
32.slow waves that occur while we are asleep
1.organized chaos
2.where we process information
3.imagine life stories, no reality
4.behaviors that can be done hypnotized or not, people play a role
7.people don't remember what happened while under hypnosis
9.split in consciousness
11.fast waves that occur while we are awake
13.conscious awareness on certain stimulus, bits and pieces
15.subjects awareness of pain but won't react to it
16.a social interaction when 1 person tells someone to do something
17.stay up late, sleep in late
24.drug that speeds up the body

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