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A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift

1     2     3
  4 5       6             7
8                       9    
    10 11                
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    15   16        
17     18                     19
    20 21                          
22   23                    
27           28         29  
31   32                    
    34           35   36  
37     38          
41           42      

1.Spices such as salt and pepper
4.Woman glove/Men boots made out of (2 words)
8.Mother feeds child in one year (2 words)
10.Good qualities that you respect and admir
12.Bought or sold product
16.Ideal age of the Commodity
17.An addition or improvement to an existing product
21.Average price for a child (2 words)
24.Fat child will make (2 words)
25.People that lives in a house that pays rent
26.People asking people for money or food
27.Expensive and at the highest price
28.Teen ages Flesh is to _____ to be eaten
30.Author of "A modest Proposal" (2 words)
31.Selling price for a beggars child (2 words)
34.Consumers of the human flesh (2 words)
38.Improve a bad situation
39.Best way to buy a child
40.Roman Catholic
41.month most child will be in season
42.Sell child to pay for
2.Intelligent, but illigal plan
3.Become smaller in size
5.Strong dislike or hatred
6.Only young ______ children would be sold
7.County treated like animals
9.Wooden frame in which criminals were hung to death with a rope
11.Not willing to help
13.Unwilling to spend money
14.Satire written by Swift (2 words)
15.Child seasoned with _____ and pepper
18.Commodities in "A Modest Proposal"
19.County Swift is targeting
22.Completely or totally
24.Infants ______ will be in season throughout the year
29.Opinion of felling you have about something
31.A child will make (2 words)
32.Age to old to sell
33.Remove skin
35.Low rank priest
36.Boy or girl age _____ is no saleable
37.Baby should be _____ and healthy to be sold

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