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Ancient Egypt

Ms. Zuberek

Ancient Egypt-Review

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1.god of the sky
4.god of chaos, brother of Osiris
5.Falcon headed king of gods, also known as Amun-Ra
8.Process of preserving a body
10.a reed found on the marshy areas of the Nile delta
14.A decorative coffin
18.A person's organs were put in these
1.ancient Egyptian writing system
2.God of wisdom
3.a burial place
5.The god of funerals
6.the river that
7.Piece of cloth used to wrap a dead body
9.a protective goddess, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.
11.a ruler in ancient Egypt
12.The salt used to preserve bodies
13.God of the dead
15.the Sun god
16.home of the Great Pyramids in Egypt
17.god of chaos, brother of Osiris

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