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Behavioral & Social Learning Theories

Introduction to Psychology

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4.according to Rotter, this type believes life events are due to luck, fate, and fortune
9.these findings indicate a relationship between externals and mental disorders
10.this radical behaviorist believed personality differences are a result of learning differences
12.radical behaviorists are ____ and believe free will is an illusion
13.this type of processing, according to behaviorists, refers to being unaware of situational influences on behavior
14.Langer and Rodin found better health among residents of a _________ __________who had greater control (2 Words)
1.___________ and Skinner were both determinists
2.___ determinism refers to personal factors, behavior, and environment variable mutually influence each other
3.according to Rotter, this type believes life events are due largely to their own efforts and characteristics
5.he made a strong case for reciprocal determinism regarding learning and personality
6."monkey see, monkey do" refers to this type of learning which helps shape personality
7.personality is influenced by genetics and __________ (reinforcers and punishment)
8.social learning theorists emphasize ____ as a cause of personality
11.he introduced the concept of locus of control

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