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6.03 Housing

Personal Finance

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5.manufactured houses that are capable of being moved from one location to another (2 Words)
6.money paid in advance of moving into a living space to the landlord or property manager to be used for repairs or damage done to the space beyond the normal wear and tear expected (2 Words)
9.low income families may apply for this loan from Federal Housing agency to build or purchase a home (2 Words)
10.open lawns, community laundry room, and pool and club house (2 Words)
15.a person who works for the owner in regards to finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property, securing the (2 Words)
17.a financial statement that helps assist in money management and aids in tracking income and expenses (2 Words)
19.single owner-apartments in a multiple housing structure that can contain multiple stories, garages, yards, and other amenities
23.landlord signs this agreement or document to allow renter to sublet the apartment (2 Words)
24.legal notice to a lessee to move out of property due to nonpayment of rent
25.the greatest expense (30%) when considering the major areas of expenditures
26.payment made in exchange for occupying another's land or property
1.buying a _________ increases wealth
2.single housing unit usually surrounded by a yard
3.in a housing purchase agreement, buyers must meet certain requirements like selling their current home before they are able to buy the second one, sellers must meet requirements like repairing certain items found during inspection before transaction may be completed (2 Words)
4.sets of rooms on one floor of a building used as separate residences
7.housing loan from Veteran Affairs, insures loans to people who have served in the military with no down payment required (2 Words)
8.Rent can be paid to the property manager or to the _______________________.
11.when a tenant finds another person to live in his/her leased space
12.private spaces located within another structure such as a house, hotel, or other facility
13.mortgage that has fixed interest rate and montly payment, both remain the same for the life of the loan
14.adjustable rate mortgage, interest rate changes to reflect changes in the economy; interest rate may change yearly which causes monthly payment to change
16.recommended housing for singles, no outside maintenance, community pool and club house
18.inspect parking places, landscaping, porch or balcony befoe signing the lease agreement
20.be sure to inspect the appliances, carpet and paint inside the rental property before signing the lease agreement
21.house composed of two apartments situated side by side; shared wall between the two units
22.A person who rents the property is called a renter or a ____________________.

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