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3-D vocabulary

3                   4
5 6            
8             9  
  10                 11
13   14        

2.3-D shape with 6 faces made of rectangles
3.Comparative relationshipe of sizes of parts of a picture. eg the size of the eyes compared to the size of the head
5.3-D shape. One curved face. The shape of the world
7.3-D shape.You might eat an ice-cream out of one
8.3-D shape with 3 faces. One face is a curved face...like a smarties tube
10.2-D shape. 2 sides. One straight side and one curved side
12.2-D shape. A quadrilateral with all 4 sides the same length
14.3-D shape. Oposite ends are the same face and all the others are rectangles eg a toblerone tube
15.2-D shape. A quadrilateral with with one pair of parallel sides. The word reminds you of something in a circus
1.The meaning of the 'D' in 3-D
4.3-D shape with square faces on every side...like a dice
6.3-D shape. Can have a triangular or square base. All other faces are triangles
9.2-D shape. A quadrilateral with 2 short sides and 2 longer sides
11.Where the faces of 3-D shapes meet
13.2-D shapes which you fold to make 3-D shapes.

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