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Ch 7 Review

Mrs. VH1

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3.huge hole left by the collapse of a volcanic mountain
6.most volcanoes are found along these
7.the fire goddess of volcanoes, in Hawaii
12.substance made of two or more elements
14.mixture of rock-forming substances, gases and water
15.rock formed when low-silica magma cools
19.examples of these are cutting, melting, hardness, texture
21.fast moving, hot lava
23.type of volcano that erupts ash, cinders, and bombs that build up around the vent
29.an example of where diverging boundaries, and therefore volcanoes are found on land
30.Europe's largest volcano
31.type of volcano that alternates between ash, cinders, and bombs with lava flows
32.process in which the older denser plate sinks below the other
35.what the plates do when they come together
36.type of volcano that has thin layers of lava that pour out a vent and harden on top of previous layers
37.when a volcano erupts, the force of the expanding ______ pushes magma out the vent
39.fine, threadlike rock that can form from lava that sprays out of the ground like a fountain
43.volcanic soil is very ____ so it is able to support plant growth
45.rock that forms when gas bubbles are trapped in fast cooling lava
46.the more silica magma contains, the ____ its viscosity
1.state that has a hot spot under it
2.opening that the lava exits the volcano through
3.examples of these are rotting, rusting, reacting, molding
4.magma that forces itself across rock layers and hardens
5.magma after it reaches the surface
8.resistance of a liquid to flow
9.magma squeezes itself between horizontal layers and hardens
10.aa hardens and forms a rough surface with _____ chunks
11.these islands were formed over a hot spot
13.where most volcanoes form because of diverging plate boundaries
16.long tube in the ground the lava moves up through
17.explosive eruption hurls out a mixture of hot gases, ash, cinders, and bombs
18.what the plates do when they move apart
19.volcano in Mexico that is a cinder cone volcano
20.band of volcanoes that surround the Pacific Ocean
22.lava cools quickly, giving a smooth, glassy look to this rock
24.volcano in Japan that is a composite volcano
25.a volcano that may erupt in the future
26.string of volcanoes formed from converging plate boundaries
27.pocket that collects magma beneath the volcano
28.mass of rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust
33.as magma rises to the surface, the _____ of the surrounding rock on the magma decreases
34.substance that can't be broken down into simpler substances
36.compound made of silicon and oxygen
38.bowl-shaped area that surrounds the central vent
40.volcano that will never erupt again
41.area where material from deep within the mantle rises and melts, forming magma
42.weak spot in the crust where molten material comes to the surface
44.magma that is high in silica has ____ colored lava

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