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Important People in the Bible

Judy Ritchey

1 2 3
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44             45       46

4.Stoolpigeon; sold out the King of kings for 30 pieces of silver
5.Mother of the Messiah
7.Spy who worked for Moses; he and Joshua gave an honest report
9.Eleventh and favorite son of the surplanter; saved Egypt from famine
11.Converted after a blinding flash of light
14.Procurator of Judea who succeeded Felix
15.Mighty warrior
17.Persian king who conquered Babylon and set the Israel captives free
19.First Gentile to convert to Christianity; Roman centurian
21.Carried the letter to Romans for Paul
24.Inflential prophet to several kings; predicted the coming of the Messiah
26.Crown prince of Babylon; captured Jerusalem
27.Sister whose brother was hid in the bulrushes of the river
29.The first couple
32.Blind beggar healed by Jesus
33."God's judge"; prayed 3 times a day but spent the night with the king of the jungle
36.Hebrew name Hadassah; saved her people from a massacre
38.Famous for bringing down the strongest man in the world
39.Tax collector; disciple of Jesus
42.Great-grandfather of David; married a widow of a distant relative
43.Built a really big boat
44.Title for king of Egypt; killed pursuing Moses
45.Youngest of eight brothers; killed a lion, a bear, and a giant
47.Syrian leper who dipped 7 times in the river Jordan and was healed
48.Procurator of Judea who kept Paul in prison for two years
1.Brother of Messiah; stoned to death
2."Surplanter"; worked 21 years for two wives, 12 children, and sheep
3.Loyal to her mother-in-law; great-grandmother of king David
6.First king of Israel; death by suicide
8.First high priest of Israel; helped his brother lead Israel out of Egypt
10.Procurator of Judea at time of Christ's trial
11.Fisherman who became a fisher of men; walked on the water
12.Judge of Israel; tested God's presence with two fleeces; refused to be Israel's first king
13.Long awaited child of elderly couple; father to twins at age 60
16.Led God's people out of Egypt
18.Judge of Israel; famous for his strength
20.The weeping prophet; prophesied Jerusalem's downfall
22.Father of a great nation
23.A Pharisee; a ruler of the Jews, who secretly went to talk to Jesus
25.King of the Jews
28.Wife of Hebrew liberator
30.Brother of Peter; pointed out to Jesus the boy with the loaves and fishes
31.Percurser to the Messiah; taken up in a fiery whirlwind
34.King at 20; wisest, richest, most honored king of Israel
35.Evangelist who converted an Ethiopian
37.Really big man in the Philistine army
40."Grace"; her son was a prophet apprenticed to Eli
41.Began a slave, became a great leader and statesmen; trained by Moses
46.Israel's second and greatest king; a man after God's own heart

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