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Freak the Mighty Crossword

Annika Baer

Complete the crossword. The answers include spaces.

1                         2    
  3   4 5      
8   9            
10                       11
  17     18
19                         20                
21 22                       23        
24                   25              
  26       27         28        
30           31      

1.What does Max call Freak's mom?
4.What color does Freak tell Max do dress in?
6.Who does Max live with? (answer includes "and" in it)
7.What does Max explain Kevin acting as in kindergarten?
9.What nickname is Max called sometimes?
10.What did Max get from Freak for Christmas?
12.What book does Freak tell Kevin about?
13.What is Loretta's husband's name?
14.Freak tells Killer Kane that he has what in his squirt gun?
16.What is Freak's doctor's name?
19.What is the neighborhood across the pond called?
20.What does Max call himself?
22.What is the device called that Max gets out of the tree for Freak?
23.What was Max's mom's name?
24.What does max refer to his room as?
25.How does freak die?
26.What day is it when Max's dad kidnaps Max?
28.What is Max's dad's first name?
29.What is Tony D's nickname?
30.How was Max's mom killed?
1.At what age was Max when his mom was killed?
2.What food does Freak choke on?
3.What does Freak call Tony D. On the fourth of July?
5.Who does the purse Kevin and Max found belong to?
8.What is Max's father called?
11.What is Max's dad training to be?
15.What does Max and his dad eat at Loretta's house?
17.Where does Ma and Kevin find the purse?
18.What does Loretta call Freak's dad?
21.What does Freak call Max's foot?
27.What does Kevin's mom get for Christmas?
31.What is Loretta's last name?

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