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Cinco De Mayo

Diana B. Mora and Angela Paz

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1.Act of defating an enemy or opponent in battle
4.an alcoholic drink
6.Inside Pinatas
9.a set of clothes someone wears in a parade
10.Their are many from different places or countries
13.A holiday in Mexico it is September 16
16.Used on their heads or wherever
18.Mariachis mostly wear them
21.Love and being together
23.A country in Southwestern North America
2.Women make it filled with chicken or meat
3.A small istrument filles with rice or beans
7.A band or group people sing or play instruments in a parade or party
8.Most people celebrate it
11.This day was observedon this day of May
12.an Mexican alcoholic drink
14.People do Mexican plays or ____
15.A garmet worn in South America
17.Women or girls use it to dance
19.People decoratw them to ride on for a parade
20.Made out of corn and you put the ingredients you want
22.everyone hears it all ver the world

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