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How do you feel?

Ruth Ryan

Adjectives about feelings

1 2 3
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4.We had a party last night and we stayed up all night. Now I feel ___.
5.I feel so _______. Can we turn on the heater, please?
7.I really need a drink. I'm so ____.
11.Ella Fitzgerald was the best singer! She was totally ____________!
13.I had a great holiday so now I feel very ____.
15.My class wasn't interesting at all. I was totally _________.
16.My sister is a very _____ and friendly person. People love her.
17.I can speak to anyone because I'm a very ________ person.
22.I love my English class. I feel really _________ with all my classmates.
24.We were late so we were ____ that we might miss the plane.
27.Do I turn left or right? Sorry, but I don't understand. I'm very ____________.
31.There was a big storm last night. Our little dog was very _____.
33.When my best friend moved to Sydney I was very ___.
1.Our teacher is ____ when everyone does their homework.
2.If you sit at home every day and do nothing but watch TV you will feel _________.
3.The first time I met my boyfriend's family I felt very ____.
4.I always feel very ______ when we go on holidays. I love it!
6.I like the security guards at Chisholm. They make me feel ____.
8.I didn't eat breakfast so I feel really ____.
9.I might go to see the doctor. I don't know what's wrong but I feel a bit ____.
10.Our parents were ____ because we had a big party when they went away for the weekend..
12.I failed my driving test last week and I was so ___ with myself.
14.Some people get really _________ when they lose a game.
18.I have my driving test this afternoon and I feel extremely ____.
19.It's just a mouse. Don'be be ___________!
20.I'm very ____ of big dogs. I don't know why.
21.From the age of 10 kids often feel _________ by their parents.
23.Teenagers can feel very _________ when they are talking to someone they like.
25.I have a mosquito bite and it's so ____!
26.My English teacher wears a black leather jacket and rides a motorbike. He is so ______.
28.I love turning around and around in circles. It makes me feel ______.
29.He couldn't get out of bed. He said he was _______.
30.He was sick for a month and after that he couldn't do much. He was extremely ___.
32.Please, turn off the heater. It's so _____ in here!

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